1. Expulsion

Music by Richard Gauvreau, Jules McCallum, Leslie Dwojak
Lyrics and Melodies by Richard Gauvreau
Richard Gauvreau: Rhythm and Lead Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Violin, Mixing, and Mastering
Daniel David: Drums
Recorded @ Spunk Monkey Records 2019



I found the seams sown through my dreams,
This time I’ll stitch it right through the bone,
Red dye, I’ll open wide,
Welcome every jagged, little turn,
Well, your dawn has gone,
I’d say, “So, long.”
But, “So, long.”
Isn't long my friends,


Because it’s hard to believe, hard achieve, hard to conceive,
Anything, unless you sink your teeth right through the bone,
Because it’s hard to believe that you’ve been the thief ,
Robbing yourself blind,
Now here is your window to open up and shine,

Blue moon, you've gone too soon,
Why couldn't you have just stuck around?
Well, the angels are bound,
For the demons will frown,
Now that you have been torn from this realm,
You made your bed than woke up dead,
Grimacing at ole brother grimm,
You pulled the thread tied through your head,
If only you just used a double knot,


And shine, shine, shine,

O, heart stained with nicotine,
Here is the key, Growing within me,
Dying to be free, Dying to be seen,
No sympathy, No room to breathe


And Shine, Shine, Shine,