Pagan Seas

Subconscious Pilot

Leslie wrote the song's music and had more or less figured out the songs layout . Some slight arrangement changes were made when Richard started to add lyrics. The ending came together from a jam when they used to practice the song for shows. Adam Arsenault time with the band, heavily influenced the treatment and performance of the drums specially the drum fill at the beginning of the song. It took Richard awhile to find something that worked for this song lyrically and melodically and even the vocal tone that he wanted to approach the song with. As the song invokes a Zeppelin feel he leaned into his Robert Plant and blues influence but retained his scrimming (Scream/Singing) vocal qualities. The lyrics were based on the fictional tale about a murder of an individual and there body being disposed of in a lake or sea and than that individual haunting the area and culling others to their deaths and subsequently "feed" on their life force. It stemmed from Richard's own fascination with experiences of the paranormal events.

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