Music by Leslie Dwojak
Lyrics and Melodies by Richard Gauvreau
Leslie Dwojak: Rhythm and Lead Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Richard Gauvreau: Vocals, Bass, Producing, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering
Daniel David: Drums
Recorded @ Spunk Monkey Records in Fort St John, BC


Choking the Flies Still (Pt. 1)

A hidden disguise clouts your lies,
A forbidden reprise slays your allies,
Your media whores how they gouge my eyes,
Your rotten core is now riddled with flies,


You are choking all the flies still,
God damn you,

Orchestrating the sheep’s new found fear,
Coping their woes until they just disappear,
The shepherd’s hand is always lurking near,
Pouring blood in our eyes your motives are all clear,