1. The Rift

Written and performed by Richard Gauvreau and Leslie Dwojak
Lyrics and melodies by Richard Gauvreau

Richard Gauvreau: Vocals, bass, rhythm electric guitar, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering
Leslie Dwojak: Lead and rhythm electric guitars
Daniel David: Drums

Recorded @ Spunk Monkey Records in For Skin John 2019


The Rift

Deep within,
This wasted skin,
Lies unholy sin,
In and in,
Is where I begin,
To greet a friend,
That you Condemned,
And I defend,
She of the light,
And he of the darkness,
They say, “Soon, this rapture,
Will be upon us, now!”

Because I open wide for the great divide,
Drowning neck deep in your sorrow,
How ‘bout a kiss for the hollow abyss,
While you clutch every soul in your grasp,
But you still want more,

Now, I’m a struggling,
A Struggling, a struggling fish,
Forgotten on the muddiest banks,
On the slipperiest shores,
Have we forgotten how to live?
Kill everything you see,
We are living so primitively,
Got to change the way we live now,


Got to have more,
Still need more,

Kill For a single mind goal,
Hurt for a single mind thought,
Judge for a single mind goal,
Bleed for a single mind though,
Worship for a single my goal,
Consume for a single my thought,