1. First Rodeo

Music, lyrics, and melodies by Richard Gauvreau
Richard Gauvreau: Vocals, guitars, bass, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering
Daniel David: Drums

Recorded @ Spunk Monkey Records in Fort St. John, B.C. Canada 2019


First Rodeo

Think you better humble yourself now,
Check your fucking ego at the door now,
Many came before you and failed. How?
But you're, "Gonna make it!"
Whatever that means now,

I am not anything like you,
Feel there's nothing I can do,
Except prove that my love for music is true,
It's plain we lock on the groove,

Ride your fucking coattails? No, thank you!
Rather carve my own path through this mountain,
Maybe never get there. I don't care,
Content with mining diamonds, It's so rare,


Selling us an image, I know why,
Grinning at this train wreck as it goes by,
Objectifying women, it don't fly,
Narcissistic millennials watch your dreams die,

The punk rocker in me says, "Fuck You!"
Never lead your drummer you god damn fool,
Everybody thinks that you are a tool,
Jacob dodged a bullet when he smelt you,

When I was a small child,
I'd be getting butt wild,
I'd be developing my own style,
(I am not anything like you)
Busting on the dance floor,
Think I don't want more,
Who'd you think has kept score?
(Feel there's nothing I can do)
Music has been healer,
Never been my dealer,
She soothes my aching fever,
(Except prove that my love for music is true)
To you I am like a druid,
That's why my music is fluid,
What you spew is putrid,
(It's plain we lock on the groove)
Ride your fucking coattails,
When all you leave is snot trails,
Skipping over the details,
(This isn't my first rodeo)
Has always been your credo,
To inflame your fucking ego?
Thinks he's Bugsy Siegel,
(This isn't my first rodeo)
You're such a fucking phoney,
Put your cart before your pony,
Why don't you fucking blow me?
(This isn't my first rodeo)
I am not your fucking homie,
You think you can troll me?
You don't even know me,
(This isn't my first rodeo)