1. Crying Shame

Music, melody and lyrics written and performed by Richard Gauvreau

Richard Gauvreau: Vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered

Daniel David: Drums

Recorded @ Spunk Monkey Records in Fort St. John, B.C., Canada 2019


Crying Shame

I don't know where it has been said,
But, "Where you see smoke there's a fire,"
And lord knows you ain't tending no flame at home,
But when you're coming through the front door,
There's a smoke plume hanging around you,

It's a crying shame,

So, where you going all these late nights?
While I am parenting at home,
Worried real sick, wonder where you been?
Thinking you two are knocking those old boots around,

It's a crying shame,

If we're really "working things out,"
Than why are you a walking/talking cliche,
Working real late, but coming home smelling like him?
You take me for a goddamn fucking fool,

(What she gonna do?) x 4
(Well, she goddamn done it) x 4
Thank you for teaching me about humiliation,
Thank you for teaching me about betrayal,
She goddamn fucked him,

Lord knows, I am going to say my piece,
Next time I see you around,
How you are a sociopathic coward,
(At least that is what I hear)
Who doesn't feel a thing breaking a child's heart,

You should be ashamed,
The both of you,

Now, if you are so happy,
Then those must be tears of joy,
(Rolling down your cheek)
And why is you phone and say, "you want to come and hug me."
When you do yeah, you seem to be having trouble letting go of me,

It's a crying shame,

Now, I hear you're ducking your head in the crowd,
When you see people that we both know,
Could it be that feel a bit of guilt for what you done? When you always hurt all the people you love,

Thank you for showing me how sick you really are,
What are you going to do when you have to pay penance,
For all those things that you have done?

It's a crying shame,
Oh, you're crying,
I'm crying,
He's crying too,
Oh, yeah,
It's a crying shame,