1. Pagan Seas

From the recording Pagan Seas

Music by Leslie Dwojak and Richard Gauvreau
Lyrics and melodies by Richard Gauvreau

Leslie Dwojak: 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars and electric guitar
Richard Gauvreau: Vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and keys
Daniel David: Drums

Engineering, producing, programming, mixing and mastering by Richard Gauvreau @ Spunk Monkey Studio in Fort St John, BC, Canada 2020


Pagan Seas

As I bleed,
It leaves my head,
No more ache,
Yeah, and no more pain,
And no more you driving me insane,
Still, I hear my culling song,
And I want to sing along,

Oooow, hey!
It’s all I ever wanted,
It's all I ever could do,
It's always been about you,

O, lord they buried me,
Quite unceremoniously,
O, lord they buried me,
Like some Greek-fable tragedy,
Now, I’m drowning in thee,
These cold Pagan Seas,
But still, I hear my culling song,
And I want to sing along,

O, foolish me,
I’ve wounded your pride,
And now it’s time for me to die,
Sinking slowly I see everything,
Rising up just to greet you all,

Oh, I give you a chill,
Your heart will spill,
Into my gizzard you'll fill,
And I just weakened your will,
Still I sing my culling song,
And I want you to sing along,

Swing your polarity,
To my facility,
I will suck you dry,